A desire to help our clients.

That is the idea upon which Cello HR was founded.

Our genesis starts at our sister company, The Orsus Group.  Their clients asked how they could help improve their HR policies and streamline procedures. Clients wanted to improve the employee experience while keeping their organization compliant under quickly changing payroll and HR laws.  They sought guidance on implementing new guidelines, systems, and employee handbooks with efficiency.

Will Montgomery, managing partner at Cello HR, realized there was a need for a one-source solution for HR Professionals and business owners.  It also needed to offer a higher level of service than what was available on the market.  He envisioned a team of people helping implement HRIS and HCM technology and be a resource for business owners and HR departments.

In 2018, we officially branched off from The Orsus Group.

Our name is borrowed from the musical instrument – the cello.

The cello is a member of the string and violin families.  Of all classical instruments, it’s sound most closely resembles the human voice.  It is a core component of any orchestra, responsible for harmonizing with other string instruments, as well as carrying the melody.

Just as the instrument is essential to an orchestra, we believe human resources is an essential part of any organization. While the cello makes complex, beautiful music with 4 simple strings, Cello HR makes complex human resources simple for our clients.

We are an HR Solutions provider for small and mid-sized organizations, specializing in HR technology and consulting.  We help manage risk and keep you compliant with the ever-changing laws from the Department of Labor.  We offer a robust, cloud-based system that is tailored to the needs of clients.  Together, we work with our clients to develop, implement, and launch the right system, services, and tools they need for success.

Following Will’s vision, our goal is to allow managers to focus more on the organization’s employees and the culture rather than drudging through administrative tasks and policy.  We seek to fit the growing demand for HR technology and the need for expertise in HR issues unrelated to background checks and global investigations. We love helping organizations become more effective and efficient in the management of their largest asset - their employees. 

At Cello HR, we offer more than technology - we are about service and expertise.