COVID-19 has propelled businesses of all sizes to embrace automation technologies - both for contingency planning and to be more efficient in vital areas of business. One easy-to-automate process for small businesses is carrier communications - the method of communicating enrollment and benefits data to insurance carriers for open enrollments, new enrollments, terminations, or any other events.

Those performing the process know that communicating benefits data is a manual, error-prone, and time-consuming process. With more fluctuations in the workforce due to the pandemic and ad hoc requests, the manual carrier communication process can be disruptive, yet critical to be accurate and timely from a compliance standpoint.

While EDI’s have become an industry standard for carrier automation, these are often not available for small businesses. Enter Smart Forms - a solution that can be implemented in two weeks or less. Regardless of the group size, Smart Forms enable small businesses to easily automate their carrier communications by automatically populating enrollment forms for employees. 

With Smart Forms small businesses benefit from:

  • Quick Setup: Smart Forms can be implemented in just 2-3 weeks. This timeline includes one-on-one training on the simple approval process.
  • Automated Delivery: Automatically and securely deliver enrollment and benefits data to insurance carriers for open enrollments, new enrollments, terminations and other events.
  • Expansive Carrier Network: Connect to our network of over 600 carriers to communicate data related to health, dental, life or other benefits.

If you want to learn more about how we work with many small businesses to make their carrier communication process simple and easy, contact us at to learn more about EverythingBenefits’ Smart Forms solution. 

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