Drive engagement and compliance with flexible attestation tools

As labor laws become increasingly complex and require documented proof of compliance, accurate time and labor management is more critical than ever before. After all, failure to comply with government labor regulations and collective bargaining agreements can have serious consequences, including lawsuits, union grievances, and audits by the Department of Labor and other agencies — all of which can damage your reputation and reduce employee engagement. With the stakes so high, how can you simplify and streamline adherence with state, local, union, and organization-specific policies to minimize your compliance risk?


Key Benefits

  • Reduce risk related to compliance
  • Improve enforcement of wage and hour policies
  • Engage employees
  • Empower managers
  • Simplify compliance
  • Deliver a full audit report


Attestation tools integrate seamlessly with our automated time and labor management solution and your existing data collection source to deliver configurable workflows that capture accurate employee attestation responses in real time. It also allows managers to monitor employee attestation status, run reports to identify trends, and simplify ongoing compliance.

  • Capture employee attestation of meal and rest breaks
  • Simplify employee attestation of hours worked
  • Manage compliance with robust reporting

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